Bill’s Story – A Happy Ending

Bill’s Story – A Happy Ending

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Bill has lived in this house for over 40 years, his kids have moved out and he is alone. Bill finds this house too big for him now and would like to move to a smaller house, where he can live comfortably.
Problem:- The house needs a lot of work and Bill has not done any upgrades since he purchased it 40 years back.
Bill contacted a few Real Estate Agents to see if they could help him to sell the house.
The Agents looked at the house and gave Bill a long list of upgrades and repairs to perform before they could put the house on market.
Problem:- Bill does not have the money to perform the recommended repairs or upgrades.
Bill felt overwhelmed calling up contractors and getting estimates for repairs.
Bill called his friend Tom for suggestions. Tom had just gone through a similar situation.
Tom said: “Bill I know a Company that will purchase your house quickly for cash.
Your house is paid off and you have lot of equity in the house. I have the perfect solution for you.
Awesome! – you can skip this line for continuity
The Company is Home Ryte Solutions.
Home Ryte Solutions Will make you a fair CASH  offer quickly and purchase your house As-Is. They will never ask you to perform any repairs.
Bill Called Home Ryte Solutions right away!
Home Ryte Solutions purchased Bill’s house in two weeks and paid him a fair cash home value for his home.
They also Helped Bill find his new cozy home through their affiliates.
Look How Happy Bill Is
Home Ryte Solutions Is the way to go
If you have a house that needs repair or you need to sell quickly, call Home Ryte Solutions immediately.
We may be able to help you move on with your life, just like we did for Bill.

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